Wound drainage

Wound Drainage

The DRAINTEC® Wound Drainage (WD) is used as a postoperative procedure in surgical specialities, including orthopaedic, trauma, plastic, vascular and abdominal surgery.

  1. Place the drain with the DRAINTEC®-Spear with no risk of contamination.
  2. Activate the DRAINTEC® device. Based on the inserted WD disposable material, the device identifies the operation mode and switches to WD (wound drainage mode).
  3. Pre-select the desired drainage capacity on the buttons of display field A.
  4. The volume of secretions drained is registrated by the secretion volume measuring facility B.
  5. In periods of less secretion the roller pump D rotates slower and vice versa, producing the optimum negative pressure.
  6. The peristaltic roller pump D begins to gently drain the wound secretions and after this producing the adequate negative pressure.
  7. The drained secretion is collected in the secretion bag E.
  8. For mobilising the patient the clamp F is used to maintain the existing negative pressure. Subsequently, the wound drainage set as a unit can be removed from the machine.

Properly operated, DRAINTEC® Wound Drainage ensures:
  • no risk of contamination
  • no disconnection of any parts
  • sufficient drainage of wound secretions
  • gentle management of the tissue
  • optimal adaptation of wound surfaces
  • no secondary haematoma or oedema
  • shorter in-patient phase