The closed Circuit System


Sterile and sufficient drainage is the important precondition for wound healing in short periods and without complications after surgery.

Risks like chronic infections, postoperative deep oedema or haematomas had not been disclosed with drainages normally used. The basis for wound healing without complications is a closed drainage-system with harmless adaption of inner wound surfaces.

DRAINTEC® is worldwide the first system which fulfills these requirements.

DRAINTEC® is a closed sterile system to allow a complete sterile procedure. The reduced negative pressure reacts depending on the healing of the wound.

DRAINTEC® intelligence for Wound drainage , Irrigation-Suction Drainage and in development for Wound drainage combined with Refusion of concentrated red bloodcells.

The sophisticated technology of the system sets new quality standards. Its mechanism of action is ideally adapted to the healing process in the individual patient and, thus, shows optimal efficacy. Moreover the optical and acoustic alarms, storage battery operation, high durability of materials and flexible handling of the system components, ensure state-of-the-art safety and operating convenience in the operating theatre, postoperative ward, intensive care and normal ward unit.