Research and Development in Hyg Med 25.
Year 2000 - Vol. 6

Safe and reliable irrigation-suction drainage

Despite massive technical progress in this field, the principle " ubipus - ibi evacoa" "Apply suction wherever pus occurs" still holds. Following surgery, controlled drainage of secretory and necrotic matter is absolutely necessary in both acute and chronic deep inflammations before these inclusions seek an exit on their own, i.e. before a fistula can form.

Some developments, for instance use of antibiotic cement, with the attendant risk of development of resistance, have just the opposite effect in that they block drainage of necrotic matter. Irrigation drainage has seen considerable use. Therapeutic success based on this method was, however, often hindered by complications resulting from unsolved mechanical problems such as damage to skin at the site of entry and secondary infections resulting from open matter drainage.

Closed irrigation-suction drainage, practically excluding the risk of a secondary infection, is only possible when a tissue pressure burden is prevented. With the controlled DRAINTEC® Irrigation-Suction Drainage system this has now become reality - no tissue pressure burden!. The clinical significance of this breakthrough has been confirmed by numerous applications in different centres.

DRAINTEC® Irrigation-Suction Drainage has in many cases ensured long-term therapeutic success following surgical treatment, rendering lengthier aftertreatment concepts and longer hospitalization unnecessary.

The DRAINTEC® Irrigation-Suction Drainage system prevents buildup of a tissue pressure burden and removes necrotic matter by means of active drainage action that is gentle to tissues. Optimized control of drainage of the secretory matter and lavage fluid avoids drain blockage, formation of irrigation paths and the entry of fluids into the blood circulation.

The DRAINTEC® Irrigation-Suction Drainage system facilitates successful application of antiseptics for local, intracorporual treatment of deep infections. Use of the DRAINTEC® system with antiseptics also contributes to a reduction of antibiotic use, thus helping to prevent the development of resistances.