The DRAINTEC® Drainage-Blood Refusion System (DBRS) facilitates refusion of erythrocyte concentrates while wound drainage is ongoing. This procedure is employed in the first 6 hours after surgery.

  1. Place the drain I with the DRAINTEC®-Spear with no risk of contamination (see leaflet).
  2. Activate the device. Based on the inserted DBRS disposable material, the device identifies the operation mode and switches to WD (wound drainage mode).
  3. Activate the addition of additives on button area A+ and select the desired ratio of drainage-versus additive fluid.
  4. The additives (sedimentation accelerating agent) are infused through the second infusion tube II.
  5. Both drainage and additive fluids are guided by the change-over clamp H to the instillation chamber J, and the dosage is controlled by optical-electronic drop counting.
  6. The peristaltic roller pump D draws in the blood mixture.
  7. The blood mixture is then directed to the sedimentation bag K, where the erythrocytes separate from the plasma by sedimenting.
  8. The erythrocyte concentrate is drained into the refusion bag L and can be retransfused to the patient.
Wound drainage is conducted according to the DRAINTEC® Wound Drainage procedure described above. Therefore wound drainage never is interrupted, also during refusion!!

Properly operated, DRAINTEC® Drainage-Blood Refusion ensures:
  • 80-85% erythrocyte concentrate
  • no risk of contamination
  • minimisation of the risk of contamination by HIV, hepatitis, etc.
  • cost reduction (regards donor blood and staff costs)